“XV de Gaule” Rugby tournament – results

201505 tournoi-du-xv-de-gaule

For its 9th year, the XV de Gaule Tournament was a good year.

An honorable participation of 300 persons.

An Academy Tournament which was never so important with competitive games of high level in all categories. Congratulations to kids and coaches.

A superb atmosphere.

The results:

Mini-Gnomes: All winners!

U16 (winner Attica Springboks):

Attica Springboks - Campion 27-0

Campion - Saint Lawrence 10-15

Saint Lawrence - Attica Springboks 0-38

U14: Attica Springboks - Saint Lawrence 35-15

Ladies: Attica Springboks - Aiolos Patras: 32-30

XV de Gaule - Entente Sportive Renault: we stop counting (mixed team for the 3rd part). ESRenault get the trophy 2015. The age range was not exactly the same but let's not moan! We had a good time.

The organizing team would like to thank all volunteers who contribute to make this day a success. Players, spouses, club members (it would be too long to name them).

Thanks to the founders of the club, John, Kostas, Pavlakis and Eden, who honoured us with their presence.

Thanks also to the referees George and Andreas for their help.

Link towards the French site of the XV de Gaule.