Announcement – RUGBY TOURNAMENT IN KIFISSIA on 28/05/2016


The Hellenic Handball Federation with the support of the Sport Organism of Kifissia Town Hall, organizes a friendly Rugby Sevens tournament men-women on Saturday 28 May 2016 from 10:30 am to 4:40 pm at the "Zirinio" Municipal Stadium of Kifissia.

The tournament is integrated in the European program BE ACTIVE of the European Commission, which is being realized in Greece by the General Secretary of Sports.

In total, eight men teams and 4 women teams will participate.

The men teams will be split in two groups of four teams each as follows:

Group A':

Spartans Athens

Ippokratis Haidari

Rugby Athens

Polis Egaleo

Group B':

Panathinaikos AO

Attica Springboks

Lions Rugby Thessalonic

Aiolos Patras

For the women teams : Attica Springboks, Panathinaikos AO, Polis Egaleo, Aiolos Patras

Collect of food and medicines:

In parallel with the tournament, there will be a collect of food for the social kitchen "The other human", as well as other goods and medicines from the solidarity network of the employees of the General Secretary of Sports and the solidarity network "Sanida".

Goods and medicines will go to the solidarity network Lerou for approximately 470 refugees who are at the hotspot, most of them being children and babies.

The list of goods and medicines for which there is major need and will be collected are:

- milk without lactose

- pampers and underwears

- Bepanthol cream

- Fucidin cream

- Betnovate cream

- Voltaren tablets 50, 75, 100

- Brufen tablets 200, 400, 600

- Sunscreens

- Anti-lices shampoo-lotion

- Elastic othopedic bandages