2016 XV de Gaule

A full day of fun and rugby for all in Glyka Nera !

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With over 300 visitors and over 50 players participating in the tournament, the 10th XV de Gaule tournament was a success.

8 mixed teams of boys, girls, seniors and veterans started the competion in early afternoon and amazed the crowd with their show on the field.

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Then the younger acdemy players participated in a 3 team tournament.

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Game day ended with the semi finals and the finals opposing Turtles against Sharks with the Turtles taking the win 4-3 in a very disputed match. The awards were then given by Mr Thierry Klockenbring  consul from the French Ambassy.

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It was then time for party and fun.

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We would like to thank all those who made this tournament such a great event :

Sophie, Anne, Chrystelle, Vicky, Niki, Mayo, Andreas, Kostis, Athina, Maria, Dominique Perrot's team, Our twins JC & Bruno, Themis, Alexis, the stong arms of Zoura, Alexis, Kleanthis, Pavlos, Panos M, levan, Christos, Panos V.

Special thanks :

To the refs Andreas and Giorgos but also players who tried the whistle for a new experience : Kikidis, Stefanos, Panos,

To coach Nikos who had the great idea of this Touch rugby tournament involving all teams of our club.

To parents, families and friends who enjoy rugby just as much as we do !